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Jean H. Delva delved into real estate with a curiosity that in turn was an extension of his own personal history. Although originally hailing from Haiti, Jean grew up in the United States and accordingly speaks both Creole and English proficiently. With such a melting pot of cultures it is no wonder he ended up in New York City. An Arts and Sciences Bachelors degree from Rutgers University and experience as a sales associate for an international department store equipped him with the skills most needed for success in city real estate. Jean's goals for success and excellence are mirrored by his endeavors in real estate. A keen interest in the business is spurred by his adoration for New York City. He is committed to insuring the happiness of his clients; able to switch into roles such as negotiator and confidant to offer his best service and the best of himself. Eager to explore new opportunities, Jean is more than ready to adopt your goals for a new home as his own to achieve.

Make sure you call Jean H. Delva if you would like to receive a complimentary analysis of your property. He is available to discuss opportunities to list, sell, or the purchase of your property.
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