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MacDonald Ranch, Custom Home

Sennikoff Architects Designed as a builder's showcase home, the design includes a central Water Courtyard, a second floor indoor/outdoor Family Room, an indoor Basketball Court, and Adult Lounge & Bar. Prior to establishing Sennikoff Architects, Steven Sennikoff designed and managed this project while employeed at a previous architectural firm.


Courtyard, Court Yard, Patio, Plants, Rocks, Pebbles, Door, Window, Carpet, Couch, Sofa


Entertainment Room, Game Room, Play Room, Pool Table, Ceiling Fan, Fan, Wood Ceiling, Marble Floor, Marbel Floor, Couch, Chair, Pillow, Ball, Table, Sink Faucet, Fire, Fireplace, Fire Place, Door, Window, Outside, Sky, Day, Daylight, Day Light, Plants, Drapes, Curtain, Carpet, White, Brown, Light, V...


Front, Front Elevation, Green, Grass, Plants, Trees, Sky, Day, Day Light, Daylight, Daytime, Day Time, Clouds, Mountains, Hills, Large, Gate, Window, Door, View, Outside, Elevation, Arch, Arc, Arch Way, Archway, Arc, Arcway, Arc Way


Dusk, Outside, Front, Front Elevation, Elevation, Moon, Hills, Mountains, Large, Grass, Street, Green, Plants, Trees, Light, Arch, Arc, Archway, Arch Way, Arcway, Arc Way, Window, Door, Stone


Stone, Plants, Window, Door, Arch, Arc, Archway, Arcway, Archway, Arch Way, Arc Way


Kitchen, Sink, Faucet, Stove, Oven, Light, Burner, Salt, Pepper, Rail, Railing, Arc, Arch, Arcway, Archway, Arch Way, Arc Way, Metal Rail, Metal Railing, Light, Stone Floor, Food, Cooking, Cook, Dinner, White, Brown


Outside, Day, Daylight, Day light, Daytime, Day Time, Stone, Plants, Trees, Green, Blue, Mountains, Hills, Window, Door, Arc, Arch, Archway, Arcway, Arch Way, Arc Way, Large, Rocks, Back, Back Elevation, Rear, Rear Elevation, Courtyard, Patio, Court Yard, Pillar, Pillars


Outside, Rear, Rear Elevation, Back, Back Elevation, Stone, Chair, Pool, Blue, Dusk, Pillars, Pillar,Window, Door, Arc, Arcway, Arc Way, Arch, Archway, Arch Way, Plants, Trees, Light, Mountains, Hills


Outside, Blue, Dusk, Day, Night, Daytime, Day Time, Nighttime, Night Time, Metal, Metal Rail, Metal Railing, Chair, Stone, Green, Arch, Arc, Archway, Arcway, Arch Way, Arc Way, Door, Window, Plants, Marble, Marbel, Marbel Floor, Marble Floor, Trees

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