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JulieAnn Mazzoni
added this to Cottage - Mediterranean Design

Very nice. I thought the puppy was real at first. This will make a great NYC pet but if you want the REAL THING! LaGrangeville NY is the best.

Isola Homes
added this to Beacon Hill Craftsman

#isolahomes #builtgreen #architecture #seattlehomes #washingtonhomes #pnw #seattle

Nancy Hadley
added this to Color on Television

The Very Hungry Caterpillar inspired room.

Seattle Home Enhancement
added this to Lake Forest Park Renovation

What used to be a dirt floor workshop was captured for living space, and can now be used as a flex room for whatever you dream up. Old wooden locker segments from the 1950s were found in an old lean-to on the property and put back together. They were once used as employee lockers in a local meat-p...

Kristin Acker
added this to Clever ideas

Clever redo of a basement playroom found here: http://www.buddhabellyblogspot.com/2012/07/progressand-more-projects.html

Ben Schielke
added this to DIY Woodworking

Huge DIY blackboard made from reclaimed lumber and chalkboard paint.

Tracia Hawthorne
added this to My Dream Home

very nice nursery or small child's room.


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