Contemporary 3/4 Bathroom with Multi color 12 in. x 12 in. gauged slate floor and wall tile, drop-in sink, Shower
Room Estimate: $10,700

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    Seattle, WA

Materials $6,400
Counters $300
Flooring $400
Paint $100
Electrical $400
Sinks $900
Shower $1,900
Toilet $300
Mirror $200
Other $1,900
Labor $4,300
Demolition $1,500
Flooring $600
Paint $300
Electrical $400
Sinks $200
Shower $1,300


    • miklb3
    • nice for that price, they definitely skimped on the toilet and it's unfortunate they had to put it right there.
    • covenantbuilders1
    • Don't be fooled. Costs are missing huge chunks of reality: geographic location/ rates, permit & drafting, proj mgmt, insurance, overhead, profit, drywall repair, glass shower doors, hardware, light fixtures, quality install vs. cheapest etc... etc... I have been doing this type of work for 20 + years and this type of expectation for this price is likely to lead to litigation (better add some attorney $ as well)
    • hlthcr2000
    • Agree with price comment: I have two bids for a curbless shower and the floor alone is $10K. Granted, my bath is somewhat larger but that doesn't include demo, subfloor work, plumbing, electric, HVAC, faucets and on & on. Too bad someone doesn't vet these numbers as I pity the poor person who actually makes decisions based on these numbers@!

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