Contemporary Kitchen with Freestanding Full Size Top Freezer Refrigerator, U-shaped, can lights, full backsplash, Flush
Room Estimate: $55,400

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    Seattle, WA

Materials $41,900
Cabinets $14,100
Counters $4,000
Backsplash $800
Appliances $14,600
Flooring $2,500
Drywall $600
Paint $300
Electrical $700
Plumbing $1,400
Other $2,900
Labor $13,500
Demolition $2,200
Cabinets $2,900
Counters $400
Backsplash $1,100
Appliances $1,500
Flooring $2,200
Drywall $700
Paint $900
Electrical $800
Plumbing $800


    • HDavis67
    • The Zestimator must be broken. These prices are silly low.
    • aliceshoua
    • They must be crazy to estimate this at 64K and if they aren't...I want that contractors contact info!
    • jacqkam
    • As a professional kitchen, bath designer: there is no way that this kitchen could ever be built at this price any where in the US or the world. The cabinetry is the highest quality and custom designed. You can't buy it wholesale for the price listed. The same for the appliances, etc, etc. Having also worked as a general contractor, the labor costs are out of whack as well. Homeowners, be ware! These types of statistical analyses of renovation costs are almost always off targetl. Shame on Zillow.
    • Renee Reamer
    • Great Kitchen.. you can have one just like it if you want.. Contact me!!
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