• By Madison Slinker
    • Contributor | Feb 2013
    • @RichardPerriment - and some furry pals too!

  • Madison Slinker Feb 2013

    Cheerful hues of tangerine and light green chase away grey, rainy days. Source: #window #antique #circle

  • febiglug Feb 2013


  • linhilton Feb 2013

    The tiny table is way off scale. This would be a great casual dining area

  • evelyon7 Feb 2013

    lovely i think having storage under neath would be better at least part of it for tablecloths,napkins, dishes and silverware cups or just games and puzzles sigh. Also a larger table and some outlets

  • davyandshell Feb 2013

    Breath taking beautiful!

  • PatriciaReed4 Feb 2013

    I would love to have a room just like this one in the power point.

  • janenz001 Feb 2013

    I'm in love with it!!

  • jimh380 Feb 2013

    Center table totally out of scale, not really livable

  • cooldebby Mar 2013

    LOVE THIS !!!!

  • janenz001 Mar 2013

    This is absolute my dream corner....

  • kt78 Apr 2013

    What a lovely little space!

  • lilwickedwanda Jul 2013


  • user7479472 Apr 2014

    I like the 'idea' but that's the wrong table - Are those FAKE hanging flowers when you have so much beautiful real growth around you...'tis better to leave it out than fake it.

  • user7479472 Apr 2014

    I would recommend a larger glass top with rattan or wicker pedestal.

  • zuser20140327051559111 2 weeks ago


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