Room Estimate: $30,000

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The Zillow Room Estimate is based on a proprietary formula that analyzes elements such as size, materials, finish level, and labor rate based on the home's region (or regional labor rates), to estimate the cost of installing a similar room.

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    Washington, DC

Materials $21,600
Labor $8,400


    • By Madison Slinker
    • Contributor | Jan 2013
    • @user3023592 I think I could just bounce from shower to tub to shower to tub all day!

  • Madison Slinker Jan 2013

    Encased glass bathing room includes 3 showers and a full-size soaking tub. Specially designed walk-way for strutting your stuff post-bath. Source:

  • covenantbuilders1 Feb 2013

    BEautiful bathroom but who comes up with these costs? Can we expect a DIY result like this?

  • Kathy218 Feb 2013

    This is a lovely bathroom but I too can't imagine that these costs are accurate.

  • Ben Schielke Feb 2013

    Double towel warmers!

  • AdelaideMarie Feb 2013


  • dlbord Feb 2013

    Amazing, stunning spa bath!!! Would love to see sinks and know what's covering the shower walls and windows (shades), price of tub. Would try universal design entry including shower area. Heavenly!!!

  • rdklingus Feb 2013


  • BrindaIllig Mar 2013

    What are the two faucet looking things in the dressing area???

  • michelleshea19 Mar 2013

    Very Spa Like, now just add a fireplace to the other side of the bathtub... Heaven !!!

  • MrsCrowder0304 Oct 2013

    looks like a spa... i love it!

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