Contemporary, Frameless, Master, Normal (2.7m), Skylight, Slate, Towel Warmer, Tropical

Estimate - $23,900

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  • By Alice Roussos

    Contributor | Mar 2013

    Thanks, Mika - appreciate it

  • Mar 2013


    i have a better bath room just like that because im a billionare who wants a free million dollars

  • Apr 2013


    hurry up lottery, I need this bathroom!

  • Apr 2013

    ole miss

    This is a mans room

  • Apr 2013


    That skylight is sexy.

  • Apr 2013


    now this is a sanctuary

  • Jun 2013


    rris Now this is a room worthy of being called a getaway in one's own home! The skylight along with the plants gives it a look of being so open, you may as well shower outside! It is spacious and a bit masculine in appearance, but the tiles are beautiful and the marble adds a smooth touch that is both bold and subtle. Add to that the fact that there is a fireplace near the tub, and relaxation possibilities become endless. I am sure long days would easily melt away with some time in this room. Gosh, I need this bathroom! :)

  • Jun 2013

    Alice Roussos

    Thanks so much - also notice that the beautiful carved and sandblasted glass wall adds privacy from the bedroom which receives the benefit of the sunlight from the skylight

  • Jun 2013


    You're welcome Alice! I was wondering what was behind that wonderfully frosted (sand blasted) glass! What an elegant touch! What makes it even better is that the natural light from the skylight looks as if it can travel throughout each room comfortably and effortlessly--coupling that with the affordability of this room makes it simply amazing!

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Room Cost

Materials: $15,700
Flooring $2,300
Paint $400
Electrical $1,100
Sinks $1,000
Shower $3,100
Bath $2,600
Toilet $500
Mirror $700
Other $4,000
Labor: $8,200
Demolition $2,100
Flooring $1,200
Paint $600
Electrical $1,400
Sinks $300
Shower $1,500
Bath $1,100


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