Contemporary Master Bathroom with Shower, stone tile floors, Wall sconce, frameless showerdoor, three quarter bath, Paint
Room Estimate: $20,000

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    Seattle, WA

Materials $13,600
Cabinets $3,100
Counters $1,400
Flooring $1,600
Paint $300
Sinks $1,000
Shower $2,800
Toilet $400
Mirror $600
Other $2,400
Labor $6,400
Demolition $2,100
Cabinets $400
Counters $100
Flooring $1,300
Paint $600
Sinks $300
Shower $1,600


    • sadcock
    • Your materials costs are close ... but your labor costs are way off! I don't see any electrical, plumbing, hardware, waste removal, final cleaning listed. I think you may want to break down your project a little bit more to give the public a true cost. By the way, Iv do see the disclaimer that this is an average within your range of costs.
    • millerra55
    • Missing at least $25k in labor here for even the most depressed neighborhood. Carpentry, plumbing, electrical and tile... Just the important stuff really. This project is 6+ weeks start to finish if the floor plan already exists. So at $1383 (according to estimate) a week labor, at least two extremely skilled men (multiple trade licenses), that puts their pay at minimum wage after insurance and overhead. Way too much misleading info online about home improvements.

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