Room Estimate: $32,900

Room Estimate

The Zillow Room Estimate is based on a proprietary formula that analyzes elements such as size, materials, finish level, and labor rate based on the home's region (or regional labor rates), to estimate the cost of installing a similar room.

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  • Room Size Estimate

    308 sqft.

  • Regional Adjustment

    Washington, DC

Materials $24,300
Counters $1,100
Flooring $3,900
Paint $300
Sinks $1,100
Shower $6,100
Bath $5,900
Toilet $500
Mirror $1,100
Other $4,300
Labor $8,600
Demolition $2,000
Counters $100
Flooring $1,900
Paint $800
Sinks $300
Shower $2,100
Bath $1,400


  • Eric Fitzgerald Jan 2013

    Relax in the tub next to the double-sided fireplace

  • chicken10 Feb 2013

    My Dream Home

  • JayBeWailin Feb 2013

    This price is a lie. Did an indentured servant do the work?

  • kurei Feb 2013

    3.7million dollar home with 17k bathroom? highly doubtful on the zestimate there.... $800 for the custom stone counter tops? no way...

  • anoited4u Feb 2013


  • cyngold Feb 2013

    Love the shower and the counter/sinks & color scheme

  • sdsu98 Feb 2013

    This estimate is wayyy too low. As a former contractor, I would put this kind of a bathroom nearer a range of $25 to $30,000. It has way too many features not taken into account in the estimate like the shower head from the ceiling means moving lots of plumbing. The hardibacker board under the tile and waterproofing it all. The recessed lighting is not included nor the fireplace and trim out. The cabinetry and built in marble sinks in the countertop. This deceives the public rather than educates.

  • lmcabinets Feb 2013

    These estimates are not very accurate, the countertop with mitered marble sinks would cost 3-5000. Thenshower floor is cut from slabs

  • ahkmeeks1490 Feb 2013

    Love it all! My bathroom

  • Troy Simon Mar 2013


  • PatP98465 Mar 2013

    Where is the water closet?

  • vquezchris Apr 2014

    I love the flow of this master suite

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