Contemporary, European, Flush, Frameless, Marble - complex, Master, Normal (2.7m), Rain, Sandstone, Specialty, Stone, Undermount

Estimate - $37,800

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  • By Shoberg Homes

    Contributor | Jul 2013

  • Aug 2013

    JustMe 2

    Love the shower, even has a small view. Love the tub. The lighting is very nice and the lights by the sinks are very unusual. Floors are very nice and there appears to be a cabinet in there for extra storage. The cabinet color looks fine, but they almost look like the bedroom dressers, can't get that part out of my mind.

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Room Cost

Materials: $28,600
Cabinets $3,900
Counters $2,000
Flooring $2,800
Paint $200
Electrical $900
Sinks $1,100
Shower $6,300
Bath $3,800
Toilet $400
Mirror $700
Other $6,500
Labor: $9,200
Demolition $1,900
Counters $200
Flooring $1,600
Paint $700
Electrical $1,000
Sinks $300
Shower $2,100
Bath $1,400


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