Contemporary Master Bathroom with picture window, Vinyl floors, Skylight, Master bathroom, drop in bathtub, Shower, Bathtub
Room Estimate: $24,000

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    Seattle, WA

Materials $15,400
Cabinets $1,700
Flooring $1,300
Paint $200
Electrical $1,000
Sinks $1,000
Shower $2,700
Bath $2,500
Toilet $400
Mirror $800
Other $3,800
Labor $8,600
Demolition $2,100
Cabinets $400
Flooring $1,100
Paint $600
Electrical $1,300
Sinks $300
Shower $1,600
Bath $1,200


    • Steven Kwan
    • I like the contrast the white tube and the window have with the rest of the dark tile work. It gives the bathroom two unique feels, but they don't clash. :)
    • lola40
    • Really for 19,300 all in? Is that serious? I can't get my bathroom to look even half of that for under 50K?
    • anitabrett
    • I'm with the other commenter, I just remodeled my bathroom in Baltimore for $40k . . .at about the same level of finishes, but I'm pretty sure smaller.
    • anitabrett
    • Those shower doors/glass alone would probably be north of $2000 . . .and the fixtures at least another $1500 . . .
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