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  • $486.40
  • Riobel pallace series falling water wall mounted faucet
  • See at atgstores
  • $3.99
  • Ms international beige 12 in. x 24 in. honed travertine floor and wall tile
  • See at homedepot


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Contemporary Powder Room with Riobel pallace series falling water wall mounted faucet, River Rock Under Glass Vanity Contemporary Powder Room with Riobel pallace series falling water wall mounted faucet, River Rock Under Glass Vanity
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    • Sondra Joyce
    • This works with several buyers I have, the cool blue of water in an alluring light.
    • Tom Larsen
    • Awesome design idea! Love the floating sinks with the rock lighting.
    • Construction Owl
    • Thanks everyone! More images of fabulous bathrooms and much more on our site -
    • dduller
    • Oh sure, now I have to remodel another bathroom!!!
    • Craig Amodemo
    • So modern and clean. It gives a warmness to this bathroom that is needed with all of the cold surfaces.
    • Cindy Walters
    • Undersit sink basins with rocks nad glass top. Underlit at the base of sink cabnets too. This will be nice in the Master Bath.
    • boosted03awd
    • The answer to "how do I get her to stop leaving stuff all over the counter"
    • Kevin
    • Very nice would love to have something like this.
    • cheerfuljuice
    • Absolutely gorgeous!!!! I love it!!! Only thing I would change is the faucets as they aren't my personal style but that's just me...
    • I like your way of thinking, especially since it matches mine.. We need more innovate and imaginative thinking in bathrooms
    • Caikes
    • i wonder how you keep it clean between all the rocks
    • gonzalez.ramiro22
    • good point about keeping the rocks clean but with a bathroom like this, that's most likely a problem for the help.
    • dawnw
    • breath taking..onto My Dream Home
    • Rod Josselyn
    • Thats awesome!! I love the color scheme and the sinks....WOW!!
    • helopltjohn
    • Like this set up bet it would also look great filled with sea schells
    • rutheligio
    • wheew...the water and the stones, what a magnifique bathroom, a photograph so beautiful, how i wish to have 1
    • aljbarnes
    • An interesting and different bathroom sink concept. But where are the toothbrushes and other cosmetic and washing items kept and made easily available? Are the rocks enclosed under a transparent glass countertop or can toothpaste, soapsuds, or phlegm spill onto them?
    • turneyb
    • If anyone has done this would love to see it, Barry, if it doesnt fit, force it, thats what dad always said, Bless his soul. This is liquid art
    • user2216236
    • This would be really awesome if they were to put fish in it instead of just rocks.
    • Digs Designer Donna
    • The rocks are under glass so there isn't an issue of the rocks getting wet from sink overflow or dirty from debris. I agree fish would be a fun addition,however, there isn't any water with the rocks under the glass surface.
    • robbysbebe1
    • What states do B. Williams work in? Love this design.
    • Digs Designer Donna
    • B. Williams resides in Nashville and has done work in the south including Nashville, Atlanta, San Antonio, and Destin. You can see more of his work at

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