Wood, Island, Marble - complex, Farmhouse, Crown molding, Cottage, Flat Panel, Glass Panel, L-Shaped, Flush/Semi-Flush Mount, Pendant

Estimate - $88,500

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  • By Mitch Wise Design, Inc.

    Contributor | Apr 2013

  • Aug 2013

    Jo Ann Hesse

    My Beach Kitchen!

  • Dec 2013


    Beautiful, spacious kitchen! Thanks for providing the details for estimated cost. We are also planning to remodel our kitchen.

  • Jan 2014


    Cannot help but think how much cleaner the look of this open space without hanging a melange of old and new, large and small pots and pans, at the center, a design decision that on its own also doesn't add any particular beauty or specialness to the room. However the combined "weight" of the assembly does manage to make the kitchen faucet, etc.,at the sink below, appear to be unnaturally small and unimportant. I'm so sorry to add this comment but maybe the cook of the house will re-think this and decide she/he doesn't really need such easy access to a pot after all!

  • May 2014


    I agree about remove the pots & pans.. I actually hate it. Not only the look but we lose the openness of the space. Also the light fixtures can use improvement .

  • May 2014


    Definitely not a bad place to hang out.

  • May 2014


    That is gorgeous!

  • May 2014


    I have to disagree about the pot rack. It adds a ton of storage, easy accessibility, and centers the room. Without it, the tall ceilings and huge expanse of a room would swallow everything.

  • May 2014

    Melinda Farkas


  • May 2014


    To each his own... I love the pot rack!

  • May 2014

    Alexander TAO

    I didn't see the Sub-Zero.

  • May 2014

    sony kim

    Each to his/her own. It would be a love/hate situation. You can find your pot/pan right away without having to search high and low but at the same token, you might want shiny or clean, nice looking pots and pans up there or it will just clutter your kitchen design! Agree? Then please like me on Facebook... tons of interesting articles! I promise!!!

  • May 2014


    oh my goodness!! what a beautiful kitchen. Love it.

  • May 2014


    Also hate the pot rack and light fixtures. Change the lights and add great pendants above the island.

  • May 2014


    Love the pot rack!

  • May 2014

    Anthony Sacco

    Amazing Design for Kitchen in your Beach home. Clean and elegant look with great open space and flow.

  • May 2014


    I love it! Wish that was my kitchen!

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Room Cost

Materials: $71,300
Cabinets $21,300
Counters $5,500
Backsplash $1,400
Appliances $26,700
Flooring $3,300
Drywall $600
Paint $400
Electrical $1,800
Plumbing $5,400
Other $4,900
Labor: $17,200
Demolition $2,100
Cabinets $4,500
Counters $600
Backsplash $1,600
Appliances $1,700
Flooring $1,800
Drywall $1,000
Paint $1,000
Electrical $1,500
Plumbing $1,400


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