Breakfast Bar, Breakfast Nook, Cottage, European, Flat Panel, Glass Panel, Inset, Island, L-Shaped, Marble - complex, Normal (2.7m), Pendant, Stainless Steel, Undermount, Wood

Estimate - $53,600

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  • By Diament Builders

    Contributor | Nov 2013

  • Mar 2014

    Lynn Warren

    Another great kitchen reno that costs about $50,000. Cost breakdown below!

  • Mar 2014

    James Willard

    Great looking Kitchen! We are wanting to do something like this for our renovation... going to be about 4 years before we can save up for it though. :) $50K isn't bad at all!

  • Apr 2014


    love it!

  • Apr 2014


    the kitchen lends itself to a country look and I am a country girl! loving this too

  • Apr 2014

    Ben Schielke

    Great use of dark wood against the white. Love the stainless backsplash too.

  • Jun 2014


    Very and modern

  • Jun 2014


    I Love, Love, Love this kitchen!!! I just don't understand why my friends think "white is boring"...One can add so much more to personalize this space with their own color (!) and make it pop...or just leave it alone. It's BEAUTIFUL. Yes, this kitchen is perfect for me. Now I just need to find another home so this magic can come to fruition!

  • Jun 2014


    I wouldn't classify this kitchen in my "white kitchen" folder. The wood topper on the island along with the ss appliances places it in a class of its own. The white kitchen, in my mind, are those with white walls, floors, counter tops and custom cabinet maker appliance covers.

  • Jun 2014


    Not to say I don't have that type of kitchen in a file. I've seen some GORG white kitchens!!

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Room Cost

Materials: $40,500
Cabinets $16,000
Counters $3,500
Backsplash $700
Appliances $12,800
Flooring $1,400
Drywall $500
Paint $200
Electrical $1,400
Plumbing $1,400
Other $2,600
Labor: $13,100
Demolition $1,900
Cabinets $4,400
Counters $300
Backsplash $900
Appliances $1,200
Flooring $1,100
Drywall $600
Paint $700
Electrical $1,300
Plumbing $700


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