Country Kitchen with One-wall, Breakfast bar, Flat panel cabinets, Framed Partial Panel, Copper counters, Wood counters
Room Estimate: $43,700

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    Seattle, WA

Materials $33,200
Cabinets $8,500
Counters $2,200
Backsplash $800
Appliances $13,200
Flooring $1,600
Drywall $600
Paint $300
Electrical $800
Plumbing $1,900
Other $3,300
Labor $10,500
Demolition $2,200
Cabinets $1,400
Counters $200
Backsplash $1,100
Appliances $1,400
Flooring $1,200
Drywall $700
Paint $800
Electrical $900
Plumbing $600

Like: the lights, countertop and backsplash being the same, country feel, wood beams around ceiling.....not sure about the practicality of the brick oven takes up too much room for the purpose it is serving....there would have to be one or two more reasons for it.


    • nannobell
    • Thank you for clarifying (see disclaimer on how these are calculated) that these estimated costs are only a "starting point". I know what a kitchen remodel like this would cost in terms of materials and labor, permits, etc., and 38K is too low.
    • akc27838
    • I like the way the stone around the range ties into the rest of the kitchen, nice and rustic and modern country.
    • JayBeWailin
    • Very nice kitchen. Estimate is ridiculously low. That's at least a $60-75k kitchen.
    • smcmullen77
    • I adore the brick hearth...but how is that to clean in terms of splatter & such. The brick I imagine is pretty porous? I would like to actually cook in my amazing kitchen as well as hang out & show it off ;-p

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