Room Estimate: $41,800

Room Estimate

The Zillow Room Estimate is based on a proprietary formula that analyzes elements such as size, materials, finish level, and labor rate based on the home's region (or regional labor rates), to estimate the cost of installing a similar room.

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    Washington, DC

Materials $32,600
Labor $9,200


  • nannobell Feb 2013

    Thank you for clarifying (see disclaimer on how these are calculated) that these estimated costs are only a "starting point". I know what a kitchen remodel like this would cost in terms of materials and labor, permits, etc., and 38K is too low.

  • akc27838 Feb 2013

    I like the way the stone around the range ties into the rest of the kitchen, nice and rustic and modern country.

  • JayBeWailin Feb 2013

    Very nice kitchen. Estimate is ridiculously low. That's at least a $60-75k kitchen.

  • smcmullen77 Mar 2013

    I adore the brick hearth...but how is that to clean in terms of splatter & such. The brick I imagine is pretty porous? I would like to actually cook in my amazing kitchen as well as hang out & show it off ;-p

  • Phyllis Fischer 1 month ago


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