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Estimate: $23,000

Estimate: $103,300

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Out of all beautiful 10 star kitchens I seen, This is not over the top.

Scottsdale, AZ Zestimate: $1.6M

Estimate: $31,100

JG Development
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This kitchen and dining room transformation rejuvenates the entire first floor. The kitchen, dining and living rooms were opened up to accommodate larger gatherings and interaction between spaces. Maple cabinetry, quartz countertops and red oak flooring brighten and add warmth to the updated space. ...

Estimate: $27,200

Zillow Digs
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Natural elements, such as this intricate stone backsplash and wood cabinetry, work in tandem to create a kitchen space that feels simultaneously rustic and fresh.

Estimate: $65,800

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With lighter cabinets, more modern finishes

Austin, TX Zestimate: $1.3M


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