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Since 1980, Penny Construction has been dedicated to the building needs of our clients.  We consider ourselves "builders", not "contractors".  We are a bit old fashion; the owner is a carpenter who still works with his tools, on all of our jobs.  He has worked hard to become knowledgeable, skillful, innovative, and organized.  Doug Penny is a problem solver.  He likes working closely with people and understands that to do custom work, one has to be flexible and responsive as the projects change and grow.

So why hire a Contractor:  We believe that building and/or remodeling a home is a process of turning hopes and dreams into something tangible.

Building a beautiful home takes a team of people including; a home owner, good architectural design, good interior design, and a good builder to turn everyone's vision into a tangible product.

A builder must be able to communicate with the homeowner, the designers as well as the tradespeople.  Each speaks a different language and each has a different understanding of the outcome.  The builder gives symmetry, a oneness, cohesion to the dreams and to the reality.

Today's consumer has an almost unlimited amount of information and product choice.  Understanding the who's, the why's, the what's and how each piece integrates with and affects the other parts seamlessly, requires years of experience.  The skilled, caring, hard working hands of seasoned craftsmen ensures peace of mind and project success.

We pride ourselves on making the process a great experience.  Our main goal is to give you such wonderful service throughout the process, that you will miss us when we are finished and gone.  We want you to be looking forward to having us back, even if it is just for dinner.

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New construction home in Sammamish

This custom built home is located in Sammamish, WA.

Craftsman Landscape/Yard with Glass panel door, picture window, exterior stone floors, Deck Railing, Raised beds

Estimate: $56,800

Traditional Kitchen with Glass panel, dishwasher, Flat panel cabinets, Simple granite counters, double wall oven, L-shaped
Craftsman Entryway with Loft, picture window, Glass panel door, Cathedral ceiling, Hardwood floors
Craftsman Staircase
Craftsman Staircase
Craftsman Master Bathroom
Modern Master Bathroom

Due to image copyright, only you can see this image on your board.

Due to image copyright, only you can see this image on your board.

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