10 best modern staircases

Sleek combinations of glass, metal, and wood make these staircases the focal point of the room.

1st Place

Classic Urban Homes

598 Votes

The community says:

  • RossDanbruen

    Knew it when I saw it

  • AlecErazo

    Modern staircase IS the 4th place winning one which SHOULD be the 1st. Not to bag on the others, they're wonderful but they don't represent %100 modern as the glass-floating 4th placed one does. ?

  • kkwhtwududo

    It's the brick that got me

  • sgun111

    Industrial yet warm. Great contrast

  • VictoriaStark Perna

    It is nice for a office not a house

2nd Place


501 Votes

The community says:

3rd Place

moss architecture

388 Votes

The community says:

  • lizzhp

    Just love the wood

  • Digs Designer Elisa

    Love love love the varied wood texture! It is important to note there ate multiple definitions of modern. Those who know the different meanings ought to be able to suss out wether midcentury modern or modern/contemporary is being discussed.

  • CindyFrost0

    It's great because I used to live in this apartment.

  • alarsen65

    I love the multi colored wood - adds a dimension of classy modern and cool!

4th Place


387 Votes

The community says:

  • marylough

    I loved many of them, but the floating stairs are so airy. Love this

  • weinbkd

    Clean lines, simple, beautiful

  • KarahSicily

    modernity is more than industrial. this floating staircase is perfect representation of modern art.

  • RussellBarnes3

    The floating feel of the staircase!

  • a1moose

    Most modern looking ones

5th Place

281 Votes

The community says:

6th Place

244 Votes

7th Place

Brunilda Zaragoza

213 Votes

The community says:

8th Place

Serge Belferman

210 Votes

The community says:

  • Lanna Banana

    I hate modern staircases

  • user2661262

    Visual discrimination actually makes a difference in design. This isn't about me--but about individuals who cannot tell where one step ends and another step begins. Stepping into space is only fun for the sighted.

  • kkkessler

    Ima sucker for wood, but wood and white go great together.

  • gymnastjojo

    I love the wood with the white paint

9th Place

73 Votes

The community says:

10th Place


25 Votes

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