12 best pantry designs

The perfect pantry makes use of shelves, cabinets, and plenty of counter space so that everything has its place -- especially the cookie jar!

1st Place

372 Votes

The community says:

  • rubyredshoez

    This one is actually my favorite but I swiped too quickly... in the wrong my direction. Still gets my vote!!!

  • lynnmarie855

    It's a pretty pantry that reminds me of the back room pantry I once entered as a young child.

  • Ben Schielke

    Love the espresso station here!

2nd Place

Eric & Janelle Boyenga

294 Votes

The community says:

3rd Place

Ben Schielke

240 Votes

The community says:

4th Place

Sandra Bird

198 Votes

5th Place

116 Votes

6th Place


112 Votes

The community says:

  • user1809237

    The white gives a crisp and clean look. The doors prevent a cluttered look. It's open space, inviting and love the lower drawers. Excellent!

  • zuser20140529185828556

    Love the white. Easy to clean. Can close doors. Lower drawer storage.

7th Place

Daniels Design & Remodeling

83 Votes

The community says:

  • KarahSicily

    i am partial to the wine cabinet and the railings on the shelves. warm wood cabinets, no drawers and pretty practical sink.

  • user0071226

    Lots of different functions in one pantry. Like some doors as well as open shelving.

8th Place

68 Votes

The community says:

  • mcherie

    Love the door and amount of space.

  • jhurandrockstar

    Love the rustic floors and the pantry has it's own space and could be closed off. My kind of pantry!

9th Place


66 Votes

10th Place

California Closets

24 Votes

11th Place

13 Votes

The community says:

12th Place


12 Votes

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