Top wood entry doors

For a sturdy and luxe look, a wood door is a no-brainer.

1st Place

555 Votes

The community says:

  • joysongofthestreet

    Double door in stone, great lighting, large presence.

  • user9824741

    I love he stone around the door!

  • Cathesper

    This lets light in without everything being exposed to people who ring the bell. Just what I need!

  • zhane24

    Best out of the selection, but I really would not choose any of these for my home.

  • user2398903

    Didn't love these though usually I love the duels

2nd Place

Gary Ahern

293 Votes

The community says:

3rd Place

Kiyohara Moffitt

239 Votes

The community says:

  • sherrybearden

    Classic look. Elegant. Fits many styles from casual to sophistocated.

4th Place


211 Votes

The community says:

5th Place

ewa mari

140 Votes

The community says:

  • flydoc

    Beautiful variety of wood

  • rubyredshoez

    My pick came in 5th, but I wasn't crazy about any of them. Nothing special.

6th Place

Nicole Babcock

71 Votes

The community says:

7th Place

71 Votes

The community says:

8th Place


31 Votes

The community says:

  • livvie1470

    so unique

  • JessicaKeaton7

    I loved myn it came in 8th place but I thought it was different the symbols almost like water signs maybe some of the other element signs I'd LOVE to have this door

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