8 gray bedroom ideas

From a soft smoke hue to dark charcoal, these bedrooms prove that gray painted walls are far from drab.

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Beth Whitlinger

900 Votes

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2nd Place


560 Votes

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3rd Place

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  • lovelaryn

    Clean and Simple. Complements outdoor space.

  • alarsen65

    A hard call, best for grey room would be a garage or laundry room.

  • jo18

    I'm assuming my monitor is at fault but numbers 1&2 are very much in the beige family so that is why I chose this room,number 3 at this point . Otherwise I would have chosen number 1, it has all a person would desire (myself) for a classy but restful bedroom

  • flydoc

    Lighting and view

  • everymorning

    The floors and the lighting.

  • cydstuff

    Clean and crisp without being cold

  • stallfamily

    It looks modern

  • user85257362

    Ocean view makes it best. Don't really like any of them much.

4th Place

256 Votes

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5th Place

253 Votes

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6th Place

Classic Urban Homes

196 Votes

7th Place

195 Votes

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8th Place


62 Votes

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