10 uses of a ladder in the home

A ladder is can be pure function, or for pure decoration.

1st Place


607 Votes

The community says:

  • alarsen65

    Library for sure .

  • CharlenePollitz

    Reminds me of the old days really useful and unique I used that word again but again it's just different

  • StephenEcharia

    "A ladder is can be....." Editing!

  • dna1011

    Libraries are always a hit

  • jo18

    The library shot came up black on my screen, would have been my vote but number 2 at this point of the pantry is a winner

  • Digs Designer Elisa

    Can't beat the musty romanticism of a traditionally styled library with a rolling ladder. Yum!

2nd Place

Marsha Joseph

456 Votes

The community says:

  • Volleyball4610

    I love it when people use ladders to hold things, as long as the ladder isn't in use.

  • user1663038

    Love the light fixtures-------and the black & white. The black ladder is well staged in this bathroom.

  • user1663038

    Although this room looks a bit cluttered, a library is the most practical place to have a ladder!

3rd Place

Thea Segal

339 Votes

The community says:

  • nafb4me1

    Love this. Allows you to utilize all available space & the pantry is able to stay tidy.

  • CarolynWeathers6

    This is a great idea for someone like me who is starting to jar a lot of different seasonings, meals, herbs, and things like that. I love the space availability.

  • user1663038

    Not sure if this is a butler's pantry or what, but love the way in looks------like an old fashioned candy store!

  • RosanneFavaloro

    This is a dream come true for me...

4th Place

Bethany Jenkins

338 Votes

The community says:

  • user48909763

    I like the way the ladder slides to the very high storage with glass doors. Easy to see what you want and then get it. I want this closet.

  • smajor65

    I like the 4th place one the best because it's one of those kool sliding ladders and it fits in with nice decor

5th Place

Marian Staer

172 Votes

The community says:

6th Place

170 Votes

The community says:

  • JessicaKeaton7

    I like how the ladder went up to a door prob a bedroom be hard to put stuff up there less there was another way up there be fun for teens

7th Place


168 Votes

The community says:

8th Place

Zillow Digs

126 Votes

9th Place

40 Votes

10th Place

Amy Grimm

30 Votes

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