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1st Place

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2nd Place

297 Votes

The community says:

3rd Place

277 Votes

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  • CurlyC28

    The bench won it for me!

  • user4606599

    A welcome entry to come into..just take off your jacket and sweater, sit down and slip off your boots, prop your umbrella at the door and take a deep sigh of relief to know, "yes, I'm home!" Did I say that so liked the entry?

  • robmilavsky

    I love the mudroom entryway! Very efficient and stylish

  • user86399214

    This entryway has a place for everything

4th Place

Alix Bragg

270 Votes

The community says:

5th Place

jayne carpenter

194 Votes

The community says:

  • lm1011

    Love the doors, arches, and the warmth of this look..

  • lm1011

    Love the doors, arches, and the warmth of this look..

  • user9106039

    Like the open concept with double doors that are unique and serve as focal point upon entry.

  • JanLiTrentaMulrooney

    Love the clean look of entryway, less is more.

6th Place

Signature Homes

189 Votes

The community says:

  • Digs Designer Elisa

    Many, perhaps most, homes do not have a foyer. Love the brick and the artwork, and the simple living space not crowding the entry.

  • sharonkovacs

    This is not an entry!!!!!!! Looks more like a living room, so why is it in duels as an entry?

7th Place

Patrick Ahearn

85 Votes

8th Place

56 Votes

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