Eclectic Black Leather Jacket Bathrooms

Estimate: $13,900

Eclectic Full Bathroom with drop in bathtub, drop-in sink, Flush, Complex marble counters, Raised panel, stone tile floors

Estimate: $16,100

Eclectic Full Bathroom with stone tile floors, Rain shower, Standard height, Freestanding, limestone tile floors, Shower
6 examples of clear bathtubs
  • These modern, see-through tubs are clearly show-stoppers.
  • See idea ⟩

Estimate: $6,700

Eclectic Powder Room with Casement, Hardwood floors, Slate counters, specialty door, Powder room, Vessel sink, Pendant light

Estimate: $3,600

Eclectic Powder Room with Gothic mirror, Warner studios: horizon green stripe texture wallpaper, Console sink, Powder room


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