Eclectic Full Bathroom with Polished chrome cup pull, Flat panel cabinets, curtain showerdoor, shower bath combo, Full Bath
Room Estimate: $14,600

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    Seattle, WA

Materials $8,900
Cabinets $2,200
Counters $400
Flooring $500
Paint $100
Electrical $200
Sinks $600
Shower $1,100
Bath $1,200
Toilet $300
Mirror $200
Other $2,100
Labor $5,700
Demolition $1,600
Cabinets $400
Flooring $600
Paint $300
Electrical $400
Sinks $200
Shower $1,200
Bath $1,000


    • llazyiest
    • I like the look but the sink basin seems impractical.. having to reach over the rim etc. The rest is great.

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