Eclectic Kitchen with dishwasher, Pendant light, Casement, Crown molding, Complex granite counters, Standard height, L-shaped
Room Estimate: $22,900

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    Seattle, WA

Materials $15,200
Cabinets $4,200
Counters $2,300
Backsplash $400
Appliances $4,900
Flooring $500
Drywall $400
Paint $200
Electrical $200
Plumbing $1,000
Other $1,100
Labor $7,700
Demolition $1,900
Cabinets $1,700
Counters $200
Backsplash $500
Appliances $800
Flooring $700
Drywall $500
Paint $500
Electrical $200
Plumbing $700


    • CarolynLoftonOrbach
    • It's chic, darlin, cozy & fuctional looking. Plus I love the work table on casters. How clever! These floors are original to this house & I believe it was built between 1920 & 1960. Oh! And don't forget the gas range!!! I can't cook on electric. Burn everything.
    • totally4
    • I really do love this kitchen. I didn't get notice of any reply on here. I was just looking through and saw this. Blue is my favorite color. I just didn't think it mixed well in here.
    • ThisTooShallBeMine
    • I'd walk into this kitchen and say, it needs a makeover. I hate the wall paper, the orange ceiling light, and appliance squeezed together which shouts, the planning of this kitchen needed a design expert. I'd probably want the eating side to be converted to more counter and cupboard space, and where the sideboard is

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