Room Estimate: $16,900

Room Estimate

The Zillow Room Estimate is based on a proprietary formula that analyzes elements such as size, materials, finish level, and labor rate based on the home's region (or regional labor rates), to estimate the cost of installing a similar room.

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  • Room Size Estimate

    169 sqft.

  • Regional Adjustment

    Washington, DC

Materials $10,600
Flooring $1,600
Paint $300
Electrical $300
Sinks $1,000
Shower $2,100
Bath $1,400
Toilet $400
Mirror $600
Other $2,900
Labor $6,300
Demolition $1,900
Flooring $1,000
Paint $500
Electrical $300
Sinks $300
Shower $1,500
Bath $800


    • By Zillow Digs
    • Contributor | Feb 2013
    • One grande latte for two! #bathtub #mirror #unique

  • Svelte121 Feb 2013

    How refreshing! What a fabulous jacuzzi tub!

  • Tonia Merlene Mar 2013

    Very unique

  • TonyaSummers Mar 2013


  • Cindy Walters Apr 2013

    A bit of whimsey...would be nice as a whirlpool spa off of the exercise room. A suana would be a nice addition too.

  • jeanlox Apr 2013

    Check out this sweet bathroom from Zillow Digs. The bathtub looks like a giant coffee cup, with steam coming up from it!

  • tan68go Apr 2013

    In college, one of my classmates would say "I could get into a cup of tea." (as in, she felt like having one). Maybe she finally does now!

  • QuianaHawkins Apr 2013

    Love it

  • PamelaSC Apr 2013

    A barrista's dream bath!

  • domino1708 Apr 2013

    for real?so cool

  • andersoncy904 Apr 2013


  • The Afflicks May 2013

    i like the creativity

  • Kim Hunter Dec 2013


  • user9714379 Mar 2014

    Very smart design and style.

  • archangels1946 Oct 2014

    I guess I like things a bit more traditional than this bath is. Just a bit too unique for me.

  • Suzee Miller Oct 2014

    How clever and beautiful is this? One might think that not all elements are present - but the shapes, forms and colors exude the five elements of Feng Shui in harmony and balance. Nothing like a hot cup of tea or coffee to soother the soul or wake you up! BRAVO - well done!

  • wchristian1010 Oct 2014

    coffee cup bath!!!!

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