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Eclectic Master Bedroom with Acrylic Tank Manufactorers, Fish tank, Aquarium bed Eclectic Master Bedroom with Acrylic Tank Manufactorers, Fish tank, Aquarium bed

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    • Brad Andersohn
    • No need to count sheep anymore, I'd rather count real fish anyway! Is it bedtime yet?
    • Ryerichards
    • How could you sleep with all that blue light! Not a fan
    • Zillow Digs
    • @elynne1432 - Why count sheep when you can count fish instead?
    • Zillow Digs
    • @Faith Mormon, what kind of fish would you place in this one-of-a-kind aquarium headboard?
    • Jaguar77
    • Very unique! I would enjoy this a lot, but would have to hire someone to clean it!
    • smikesmum
    • That is over the top but I think it's stunning. The blue lights would not be an issue, simply turn them off and be lulled into a great nights sleep. Aquariums of this quality are a true work of art. Once the lights are cut saltwater Aquariums really begin to shine, at least in my experience. Since I was a kid I wanted my headboard to be a saltwater aquarium but this opulent design makes that idea seem a bit dull!
    • eastonterrier
    • This custom-made headboard by Acrylic Tank Manufacturing literally captures a tropical seascape. For around $11,500, you can sleep with the fishes under a 650-gallon tank that sits atop matching bedside reading tables, complete with integral reading lamps.
    • Digs Designer Donna
    • Let's hope this does not happen the manufacturer has lots of experience making commercial fish tanks for aquariums and zoos.
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