• By Zillow Digs
    • Contributor | Feb 2013
    • @Faith Mormon, what kind of fish would you place in this one-of-a-kind aquarium headboard?

  • Zillow Digs Feb 2013

    Sleeping with the fishes. Design by: Acrylic Tank Manufacturing #aquarium #blue #animal

  • Brad Andersohn Feb 2013

    No need to count sheep anymore, I'd rather count real fish anyway! Is it bedtime yet?

  • Luis Poggi Feb 2013

    Aquarium in your bed?

  • Ryerichards Feb 2013

    How could you sleep with all that blue light! Not a fan

  • Zillow Digs Feb 2013

    @elynne1432 - Why count sheep when you can count fish instead?

  • Lauren Riefflin Feb 2013

    This changes the whole meaning of waterbed...

  • WoW420 Feb 2013

    Love it

  • jorgeariana1313 Feb 2013

    This is so sooooo coooool

  • danzmass Feb 2013

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  • Jaguar77 Feb 2013

    Very unique! I would enjoy this a lot, but would have to hire someone to clean it!

  • darepol Feb 2013

    love it

  • DEborahSueBell Feb 2013

    something is truly fishy lol I love it though

  • dreem-girl_ Feb 2013

    Wooow so cool

  • burnsjacqueline Mar 2013


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