I am all about making a house a home.  To me that means putting your personality into the design both inside and out for your home.  It's about the exterior facade, placement of the walls, the floors, the colors, light fixtures, interior design, landscaping, and furniture.  It all adds up to being a reflection of you.   I am here on Zillow to gather as many ideas as I can for the new home I am my fiancé are about to build in the DC/MD/VA (the "DMV").

Building a home is a LOT of work but I am eager to get started on our project.  We have a custom home builder we love so no search there but what I am keeping my eyes open for are interior designers and subcontractors offering unique and out of the box designs and products that appeal to both modernists and traditionalists.  

I know it will be an adventure but my plan is to enjoy the ride and have fun with all of the planning and designing.   Zillow has become a good friend.  :-)

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Exteriors & Gardens

Traditional Exterior of Home
Traditional Exterior of Home with Pathway, Arched window, Glass panel door
Modern Landscape/Yard with Succulent garden
Traditional Exterior of Home
Contemporary Deck with Fire pit, Trellis, French doors, Transom window
Contemporary Deck with Fire pit, Outdoor seating, Pathway
Modern Porch with Wrap around porch, exterior tile floors, outdoor pizza oven
Contemporary Porch with Fire pit, Wrap around porch
Contemporary Porch with exterior tile floors, Screened porch
Modern Porch with Ceiling fan, Crown molding, French doors, simple marble floors
3 tags Contemporary Porch with Exterior fireplace, I'd rather be skiing, Outdoor kitchen, Wrap around porch, exterior stone floors
Rustic Porch with exterior stone floors, Wrap around porch, Pathway
2 tags Mediterranean Porch with Outdoor kitchen, Covered patio, Granite countertop, in juparana persia, Fence
Mediterranean Porch with Fence, Screened porch, exterior tile floors
1 tag Contemporary Porch with Fence, Pathway, exterior stone floors
Tropical Porch with Transom window, Screened porch, French doors
Traditional Porch with exterior tile floors, Pathway, Screened porch, exterior terracotta tile floors, Arched window
Tropical Porch with Arched window, exterior tile floors, exterior terracotta tile floors, Wrap around porch
1 tag Traditional Landscape/Yard with Gabion planter - rock fencing, Gabion Herb Spiral
Mediterranean Exterior of Home
1 tag Traditional Exterior of Home

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Due to image copyright, only you can see this image on your board.