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Since its establishment in Chicago in 1998, Jessica Lagrange Interiors (JLI) has been synonymous with interior design and architecture relevant for ultramodern and traditional clientele alike.  With thoughtful attention to every detail, their work reflects a luxury lifestyle that is as classic as it is current.

Known for her vivacious and personable manner, Jessica Lagrange, Principal-in-Charge with over 30 years of experience and success, guides a team which includes a licensed architect, senior and junior designers, and a business manager.  Extensive collaboration is central to each day's work within the studio and beyond.

Every associate also works closely with each client, and often their architects and contractors, in developing and executing the overall design solution.  Jessica believes strongly in the personal nature of her field, and is sincerely flattered to be invited into offices, homes, families, and, ultimately, lives.  Thus, JLI remains as small as possible, even if it means limiting the number of commissions accepted, so as to ensure personal attention to every detail.

The merging of Jessica's talents with those of her associates, classic and innovative design principles, and a passion for the way we live has garnered numerous awards and a beautiful portfolio of work but, most importantly, it has earned JLI devoted clients and friends around the world.

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Lincoln Park Home

The interior design of a nearly 5,000-square-foot private residence by Pappageorge Haymes in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood for a mother and her two sons. The comfortable, traditional interior incorporates antiques and art from her extensive travels abroad and reflects her very English tastes.

Traditional Living Room with Cement fireplace, Hardwood floors, Crown molding, Fireplace, Casement, Standard height
Traditional Dining Room with Casement, Chandelier, Crown molding, can lights, Built-in bookshelf, Standard height
Traditional Master Bedroom with Hardwood floors, can lights, French doors, Transom window, Standard height, Crown molding
Country Master Bedroom with Crown molding, Standard height, Casement, Built-in bookshelf, Concrete floors
Eclectic Living Room with Standard height, French doors, Laminate floors
Traditional Living Room with Crown molding, bedroom reading light, picture window, Standard height
Traditional Living Room with other fireplace, Fireplace, Lodge Stripe Wool Throw Blanket, Built-in bookshelf, Hardwood floors

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Due to image copyright, only you can see this image on your board.

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