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    • Contributor | Feb 2013
    • @Mike Knecht, We can't stop looking at this photo. The craftsmanship is stunning!

  • Zillow Digs Feb 2013

    25 foot vaulted cherry ceilings + massive stone fireplace + floor-to-ceiling windows = a dramatic space that introduces incredible nuances of light and nature.

  • lslpn371 Feb 2013

    Washing windows would be fun.

  • usertest11 Feb 2013

    Great living room. I think I could spend forever just hanging out in there.

  • usertest11 Feb 2013

    I love this room!

  • Andre825 Feb 2013


  • miklb3 Feb 2013

    I don't even want to think of the budget for this one. This is brilliant. It looks like maybe the fireplace is accessible outside.

  • Zillow Digs Feb 2013

    @miklb3 - Great eye! The fireplace is actually accessible from the outdoor patio as well. Makes for cozy winter evenings.

  • ammar.ahmad20 Feb 2013


  • howellcottonbrandy Feb 2013

    Love it ;)

  • Jaida Gregg Feb 2013

    trust me the windows get a bit annoying to deal with!

  • Birdman Feb 2013


  • getoutofmywaynow Feb 2013

    Love it! Must be on an estate - for the privacy aspect. Indoor and outdoor views are outstanding!!!

  • samowens5 Mar 2013


  • G Jackson Mar 2013

    I would love to sit here on a rainy day...with the fireplace blazing, daydreaming or playing checkers listening to Isaac Hayes...Heaven!!!

  • sheree.lemler May 2013

    Gorgeous room,.. I'd love these windows but would require hiring a window washer!!

  • DSGraham Jul 2013

    Unbelievable!!! The best I've seen.

  • KIVAY Aug 2013

    Like living in a tree house...

  • shahlapourgholam5 Dec 2013


  • Louise Rooker Dec 2013

    D would be fun for me

  • MaryBrown Roth Dec 2013

    B for me

  • christinevelasquez2762 Dec 2013

    Oh God I wish I could have that need the test

  • rmason10504 Dec 2013

    I want to be there about now...roaring fire and a glass of wine

  • christinevelasquez2762 Dec 2013

    I wish that was. Mine

  • lucy modjallal Dec 2013

    love it!

  • Dakota Baldwin Mar 2014

    Living Room

  • oneofakind864 Jun 2014

    Love the windows.. but wonder about the heating costs in the winter and the AC costs in the summer. Also how do you prevent all your furniture from getting faded? And yeah... you'd def need to invest in your own pressure washer to keep all that looking great. But if any powers that be know how they addressed the obvious heating/cooling costs I'd love to hear about it. I doubt double paned glass would be there more to this picture?

  • NYKB Sep 2014

    its like an in house green house I wonder what happens in the heat of the summer?! Love how they've utilized the outside surroundings so fittingly

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