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Mid-Range Purple Dining Rooms

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Contemporary Dining Room with travertine tile floors, Standard height, Wall sconce, stone tile floors
Contemporary Dining Room with Built-in bookshelf, Wall sconce, Standard height, Concrete tile , Pendant light
Eclectic Dining Room
Contemporary Dining Room with High ceiling, Hardwood floors, picture window
8 china hutch designs
  • Display Grandma's china, or simply add storage to a space with a hutch. Some are built-in, others are furniture additions.
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Eclectic Dining Room with Standard height, double-hung window, stone tile floors, Chandelier, Crown molding
Traditional Dining Room with Standard height, Crown molding, Chandelier, Wainscotting, Hardwood floors, Casement
Modern Dining Room with Chandelier, Hardwood floors, picture window, Standard height, specialty window


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