Room Estimate: $10,900

Room Estimate

The Zillow Room Estimate is based on a proprietary formula that analyzes elements such as size, materials, finish level, and labor rate based on the home's region (or regional labor rates), to estimate the cost of installing a similar room.

  • Range of Estimate


  • Room Size Estimate

    94 sqft.

  • Regional Adjustment

    Washington, DC

Materials $7,400
Cabinets $700
Counters $500
Flooring $400
Paint $100
Sinks $900
Shower $2,200
Toilet $400
Mirror $300
Other $1,900
Labor $3,500
Demolition $1,500
Flooring $300
Paint $300
Sinks $200
Shower $1,200


  • starman53 Mar 2013

    Like this bathroom set up.Here in Australia & like to buy a home in either G.G,Mariacopa or Glendale.Been to C.G. & seen homes in Mariacopa as well 3 years in a row & loved the homes. :)

  • cheryl9712000 Apr 2013

    love this for extra bath

  • samcon Apr 2013

    Very clean look

  • pcolling204 Apr 2013

    Love it, not a lot of up keep needed.

  • elissajung2 Apr 2013


  • atlasman Apr 2013

    Simple clean nice colors

  • b16lab Apr 2013


  • kathy24 5milliontoshare Sep 2014

    this is very practical for the elders in the family. I hope to keep my aging mom in my home and this shower is great to have in her section of the home.

  • clblodgett477 3 weeks ago

    Where did the faucet come from? Is it two toned?

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