Modern Exterior of Home with Stacked stone wall, Flat roof, Bridge, Hardwood floors, Coihue timber beams


    • Cynthia Turner
    • Located on Lo Curro hill in Santiago, Chile, the site has a long and with gentle slope which is covered with a forest of 30-year old eucalyptus trees and crossed by an irrigation canal. To realize the owner's request for a modern but cozy house, the preferred materials were natural, such as stone walls and wood floors, and native Coihue beams. To dilute the boundary between inside and outside, the windows are recessed in the floor and beams; sliding windows and doors are the only elements with frames and the stone walls of the garden terraces are introduced into the interior to reinforce the spatial continuity. The large living room window opens completely, integrating the terrace and pool. The existing irrigation canal has been integrated into to the house and landscape design, creating tiered lakes, reflecting the environment, and providing sound and moisture. This canal ends in an 18 meter-long swimming pool which resembles one more tier of the system.

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