• grove.christina.m May 2013

    Beautiful blackened steel patina wall

  • Regina314 Oct 2013

    NICE! I likey - likey.

  • GeorgeChurma Jr Oct 2013

    Very laid backj

  • GeorgeChurma Jr Oct 2013

    Kind of nice but I think for that price I could buy a vacation condo

  • jamoschini Oct 2013

    Beautiful. Love the black and brick.

  • sam jackson1 Oct 2013


  • EliteVision Nov 2013


  • Jacki Mayo Nov 2013

    I like the use of the different textures. The red brick with the steel patina wall and the distressed wood floor. It's a nice mix of old world and new.

  • Duane Kip OConnor Nov 2013


  • samcarter2000 Dec 2013

    where did you find that chair? I like it!

  • viveka sigmud Dec 2013

    Amazing modern Living room decoration. the wall decor is stunning

  • jewiemcm Jan 2014

    I like the mix !!

  • jewiemcm Jan 2014

    I like the mix !!!

  • Chris Sander Jan 2014

    This is too cool! Simplistic but a great combination of textures.

  • woo37unf Jan 2014

    Nice open space! Love colors

  • sunnyd003 Jan 2014


  • wandardz1971 Feb 2014

    love this

  • MollyKasun Feb 2014

    Very crisp. Love the accent wall. Furniture actually looks comfortable which is unusual for uber-modern styling. Like it.

  • zuser20140301123414264 Mar 2014

    Loved it

  • MiesVanderRohe Mar 2014

    I think the design gives the individual a chance to breath, to soak in the freedom, yeah, the freedom, breath it in. yeah, breath it in.......release the captive spirits in the soul, and let them, fly.........

  • cinven May 2014

    In love

  • coulter marjorie761 Jun 2014

    Yes it should have formal ,country studio look that will make the house and yes George over here is right for that price it better be made out of gold

  • NatoKaxa 1 month ago

    Beautiful pet

  • sauron519 4 weeks ago

    I like the black box wall

  • sauron519 4 weeks ago

    That Black Box wall design is quite Impressive

  • marakuja 3 weeks ago

    looks perfect :)

  • isru387 3 weeks ago


  • sillygranny63 2 weeks ago

    Love the lines. Square an low .That color set's the whole thing off ! Awesome. Look !

  • Karleenhardy 6 days ago

    Very Nicely Done! Keep it coming, I'd like to see more.

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