• Luis Poggi Feb 2013

    Interesting glass chandelier in the bedroom. Good combination with the wall paint

  • Lisa Falco Feb 2013

    Too gray for me. Needs some color.

  • sdbalan Feb 2013

    Nice bedroom

  • MaureenOBrien3225 Feb 2013

    Where would I find this furniture? Very elegant

  • blonde36 Feb 2013

    Now this is urban chic!!!!!

  • getoutofmywaynow Feb 2013

    The wall and the bling make the room.

  • Kym Smith Feb 2013


  • pnicholls19 Mar 2013

    Nice...! Dont need the chandelier though too much cleaning....Lov the walls to...

  • Contempo Space Jun 2013

    Nice style, think some kind of accent color somewhere would really make it pop though.

  • mawmawlovesu Jun 2013


  • peace of mind Oct 2013

    I love smooth sleek lines. To me the grey wall is the centerpiece to this room. Breath-taking

  • ahmed ayad 1 month ago

    I love this!

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