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Modern Swimming Pool with Raised beds, Transom window, Pools & Spas Modern Swimming Pool with Raised beds, Transom window, Pools & Spas

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A question about the image

    • jhood3
    • everybody really wants the pool to themselves anyway!
    • Brad Andersohn
    • Just make sure you don't climb out on the wrong side of the pool!
    • Anna Buono
    • wow! Imagine swimming in that "edgy" pool? Making the best use of space for sure at this complex
    • todd0414
    • Wouldn't want t o be in the pool if that glass gives way
    • kbuchness
    • Bandra Ohm Tower for Parinee Developers. Mumbai India. Coming soon.
    • tropicali
    • HOLY COW !!! LOVE IT .............but it is scary :)
    • user0492832
    • Holy smokes! This looks kind of cool but I would never do it and I know I would never be able to get my spouse to either.
    • user30659134
    • This is actually terrifying to me lol!! What if the glass broke somehow, your dead!
    • jhood3
    • So, this is an Apartment bldg! That would be cool!
    • Digs Designer Julie
    • This is an image of "Aquaria Grande," a Mumbai apartment complex with swimming pool balconies that is currently under construction. Check out this link for more photos:
    • zuser20140720115141274
    • I wonder what a small pool like that will set your pocket book back? That would be perfect for my place which is high up in the limestone bluffs- too small and difficult to put in a conventional pool, but this would definitely work.
    • Digs Designer Donna
    • Zillow Digs does not have information regarding the cost of a similar pool however, an architect, contractor, and pool company should be able to help with an estimate. You can search for professionals in Zillow's Directory here:
    • zuser20140720115141274
    • I actually made a few calls and have them looking in to it. For now-they are scratching their heads-but say they will get back to me soon I'll keep you posted.
    • Digs Designer Donna
    • Glad to hear. I am sure they are scratching their heads, I imagine this is a type of pool they have never come across and concerned with all the structural requirements. Thanks for keeping us posted, I look forward to hearing what they come up with.
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