those chairs are hideous, and I'm not a fan of the different level island, but I love the real hardwood floors, they contrast beautifully with the cabinets


This has such an awesome loft feel to it. It is really neat how all the colors mash well. The artwork and the records are my favorite. I may have to copy that idea it is so cool to display really music so cleanly.


Now that is my style of kitchen. Just replace the island with a chocolate one and  the upper cabinets with some glass or something to coordinate with the island.


Guest room at Nicks Cove and Cottages


Photo by Gibeon Photography


would be great for a big great room or living room if area permitted. chunky couches with plush throws and semi bold yet calming colors against the dark wood theater system


May not be everyone's taste, but I love a kitchen with a long island where people can sit while I cook.  This is even better with a flat screen TV so you don't miss a thing!


I like the combination of light and color in this room, primarily the rug that has a active color and the pillows. I am not too crazy about the lack of wallspace(hidden?) that can hang a collage of paintings, there is too much good art out there without having some to look up and see something special!


I love this kitchen! Very contemporary but also very traditional, i love the light of the room!


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