• By Madison Slinker
    • Contributor | Feb 2013
    • Crackle, pop, sizzle! Source: #fireplace #bathtub #accent

  • kk4morris Feb 2013

    Cozy bath with fireplace

  • rachel.tunnell Feb 2013

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  • samhart_2005 Feb 2013

    Yes I can see me soaking in this !!!

  • kaloyd1 Feb 2013

    i need this for valentine's day!

  • Undon Feb 2013

    How much to recreate this?

  • Old Time Feb 2013

    Definitely, the fireplace next to the tub. That's an awesome concept

  • dlgshr1 Feb 2013

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  • SamBurke3 Feb 2013


  • bakhtiyar Feb 2013


  • Heather Berry Feb 2013

    ahhhhh yes this looks so relaxing!!!!

  • tgtaxes Feb 2013

    Like heaven!

  • Gary Bruzzese Sep 2013

    Great idea!

  • melissabuccigross Jan 2014

    Love it! I would have a hard time getting out of that beautiful tub !

  • melissabuccigross Jan 2014

    How lovely ! I would have a very difficult time getting out of that beautiful tub!

  • Carlyn Jackson Feb 2014

    What a way to unwind

  • MelodyWalker1 Sep 2014


  • MrsJJR Oct 2014

    Bubbles and wine.

  • John Finler Oct 2014

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