• Madison Slinker Mar 2013

    A rustic retreat. I can just imagine kicking off a pair of fuzzy slippers and jumping into bed!

  • Angie Keener Mar 2013

    L. O. V. E.

  • captainoftheark Mar 2013

    I like A but I think I may have a tie instead with A and C!

  • Naima Sumner Mar 2013

    I sold a log cabin to a couple a few years ago and we became friends. I totally totally love visiting them at this place. I usually like modern architecture so it really surprised me at how much I loved the whole place.

  • Luis Poggi Mar 2013

    Fantastic rustic bedroom

  • pearlsaldivar Apr 2013

    Love the rustic look.Looks refreshing.

  • tonywt1 Apr 2013

    Country style!

  • bschoultheis Apr 2013

    Now this is my kinda place!

  • Anne E Nevin Apr 2013

    This is simply beautiful

  • loghomelover Apr 2013

    Heaven on Earth!

  • BeverlyOferrall Apr 2013

    I've always wanted a log cabin, love this!

  • Triumph750 Apr 2013

    I would like to know does the rest of this house look like this, if so I am packing up and I will meet you there!! Lets go!

  • katpeterson7753 Jun 2013

    nice logs

  • DavidnChelle Jun 2013

    Very relaxing. Would love to build this !

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