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As your REALTOR, I encompasses many roles throughout the sales process.  With these roles come skill sets that are vital to netting you the most amount of money, in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of hassle.

Project Manager - I manage and communicate with all parties involved in the transaction.  That means successfully communicating and building relationships with Lenders, inspectors, other agents, Title companies, community associations, attorneys and any other parties that may be involved in the real estate transaction to ensure the smoothest transaction possible and keep the stress level to a minimum.

Negotiating - One of the biggest challenges in Real Estate is that every Buyer wants a property for as little as possible, and every Seller wants as much as possible.  I use my skill and expertise in negotiating, so that my clients can receive the best deal.  Each transaction is unique, so you can't use "one strategy fits all" approach.  Every buyer and seller has different needs, desires and motivations.  My job is to figure out how I can leverage my clients position to get them the best deal.

Marketing - Marketing is about emphasizing your homes features in such a way to target the most amount of serious buyers in your homes price range.  My education and professional marketing background, makes this one of my biggest strengths as your Realtor.

Educating- Early on and through the entire sales process, I'm constantly educating my clients on all the necessary steps in the sales process...what is going on in their market with regards to Supply and Demand, homes for sale, common challenges, thinking ahead to mitigate any future problems and suggest the best route to take for the best possible outcome.

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