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Simple Granite Floors

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3 tags Estimate: $45,000 Eclectic Kitchen with Hand Hewn Rustic Wood Floating Shelf Mantel - 1860/70s Mining Cart Track Ties from Eastern Sierra Ne
Contemporary Laundry Room with Built-in bookshelf, Ironing Board, High ceiling, simple granite floors
3 tags Country Entryway with WSM MARIE ANTOINETTE II by Rhythm Clocks, Two-tiered ring chandelier, Chandelier, Grandfather clock
Contemporary Garage with simple granite floors, specialty door, Built-in bookshelf, Standard height
5 tags Contemporary Master Bedroom with flush light, Crown molding, High ceiling, Paint 2, classic desk phone, Panton Chair, Paint 1
3 tags Modern Entryway with Reflection pool, Transom window, Pendant light, High ceiling, Indoor/outdoor living, picture window
1 tag Modern Entryway with specialty door, Standard height, Built-in bookshelf, Paint, Skylight, simple granite floors
4 tags Estimate: $53,400 Contemporary Kitchen with simple granite floors, French doors, Flat panel cabinets, Standard height, picture window, Flush
3 tags Estimate: $54,100 Modern Kitchen with Raised panel, electric cooktop, Simple granite counters, Island Hood, can lights, High ceiling, One-wall
4 tags Contemporary Living Room with Bostwick linen classic victorian loveseat, Standard height, Factory task lamp, Paint
Tropical Dining Room with simple granite floors, Crown molding, Standard height, French doors, can lights, picture window
2 tags Modern Living Room with can lights, Room and board hess leather studio sofas, Fireplace, High ceiling, simple granite floors
1 tag Rustic Garage with Standard height, Exposed beam, simple granite floors, Built-in bookshelf, flush light, interior wallpaper


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