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Game On

I hear that Pac-Man machine calling my name from the game room...


Bowling alley in the basement screams "I've made it." "It's a league game, smokey..."

Coeur D Alene, ID Zestimate: $3.4M

Just... wow


Multiple TVs, multiple game consoles, integrated driving simulators.... I could get every license in Gran Turismo in a weekend...

Costa Mesa, CA Zestimate: $931K

Pretty cool mountain lodge feel

Wilmington, IL For Sale: $695K

Pool, air hockey and fooseball... nice. All it needs is Ping Pong and Bubble Hockey.

Ovilla, TX Zestimate: $581K

The full bar and what looks like a video poken console really make this a room I wouldnt want to leave... the view probably isnt bad either.

Lighthouse Point, FL Zestimate: $6.7M

So many game rooms are stuck in the basement... nice to see one exposed to the sunlight. Good to get out of the cave every now and then.

Sherman, TX Zestimate: $1.1M

Bubble hockey rules

Phoenix, AZ Zestimate: $1.4M

Nice that the kitchen is nearby

Scottsdale, AZ Zestimate: $2.7M