• Tiessa Kalay Feb 2013

    Kawachi Fuji Garden in Kitakyushu, Japan

  • elainethompson1 Feb 2013

    love love this it is so beutiful

  • lynnmarie855 Feb 2013

    How romantic. The smell must be beautiful while walking through that trellis.

  • ingagolden Feb 2013

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  • ingagolden Feb 2013

    emasing, would love to have that

  • Carole Tyne Feb 2013

    Love the color purple --

  • sandypasquale Feb 2013

    this is for you tina - thought you would like it

  • ldellis Mar 2013

    I wonder if this is real? It is absolutely beautiful!

  • ldellis Mar 2013

    I wonder if this is real? It is absolutely beautiful!

  • Sandra Castle Mar 2013

    No words

  • salome0123 Mar 2013


  • salome0123 Mar 2013


  • jkorol3 Apr 2013


  • Cindy Walters Apr 2013

    I would plant a tunnel of these along the north wall on the adjacent property between the two East houses. I sould use stained concrete on the walkways (large enought for a golf cart) and place seating benches on both sides. It is important to use steel or something very strong for the supports due to the fact that wisteria can become very heavy.

  • PamelaSC Apr 2013

    Wisteria tunnels and candlelight picnics, Smooth Swiss milk chocolate and fluffy white kittens, Moonbeams that glow on a new wedding ring~ These are a few of my favorite things!!! "When the dog bites, When the bee stings, When I'm feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things..... And then I don't feel so bad." :)

  • Triumph750 Jun 2013

    Now this is probably the best I have seen!! Totally AWESOME! I want to walk through and smell the beauty of it all! A+++++++++++

  • Skippy42 Jun 2013

    Frame looks like rebar...any comments of this?

  • imanirouse Jun 2013

    truly amazing, wonder how long this took to create. I couldn't even get one wisteria vine to grow in my atlanta, georgia yard.

  • shfergu Jun 2013

    breath taking

  • Ilovemylife77 Aug 2013

    So breathtaking!!

  • KIVAY Aug 2013

    Can't you just breath the fragrance.....beautiful

  • nohscarab Sep 2013

    Ohmigosh! That is beautiful! I am in love with this garden here.

  • kjewell32 Oct 2013

    this takes my breath away!

  • Lazara Delgado Perez Oct 2013

    love it

  • Bearden Oct 2013


  • Summer Rainn Nov 2013

    How stunning!

  • lawsonanne1967 Dec 2013

    oh my what beautiful site this is

  • culbertsonmelissa Dec 2013

    that is the most beautiful arrangements of flowers I've ever seen absolutely awesome

  • pacemueller Jan 2014


  • feivilmos Feb 2014

    Where is this place?

  • Evangeline Stewart Mar 2014

    Blissful pathway.

  • Linda Olney-Sikes Mar 2014


  • cynscott1 Apr 2014


  • sharonkavanaugh Jul 2014

    This is heaven

  • querin50 2 weeks ago


  • ortrun 2 days ago

    where how!

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