Traditional Kitchen with Exposed beam, dishwasher, Simple granite counters, Kitchen island, Multiple Sinks, Stone Tile
Room Estimate: $79,400

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    Seattle, WA

Materials $63,800
Cabinets $12,800
Counters $6,000
Backsplash $1,100
Appliances $26,100
Flooring $3,100
Drywall $600
Paint $400
Electrical $600
Plumbing $4,200
Other $8,900
Labor $15,600
Demolition $2,400
Cabinets $2,900
Counters $700
Backsplash $1,800
Appliances $1,700
Flooring $1,700
Drywall $1,100
Paint $1,200
Electrical $500
Plumbing $1,600


    • covenantbuilders1
    • (Again) Don't be fooled. Costs are missing huge chunks of reality: geographic location/ rates, permit & drafting, proj mgmt, insurance, overhead, profit, drywall repair is low, paint this detailed must be done by monkeys on loan from the zoo for $800, light fixtures & appliances must be in the exact same location as they were for $1000 electrician labor, quality install vs. cheapest etc... etc... I have been doing this type of work for 20 + years and this type of expectation for this price is likely to lead to litigation (better add some attorney $ as well) Good Luck...
    • girlrocketscientist
    • To user25718519: I just remodeled my kitchen in the same geographic region with similar materials, size and appliances. The total cost from a reputable contractor was $45,000. This did not include cost for permits but if you look at how these estimates are calculated, you will see that those costs are not part of the calculation. Your comments appear to be self-serving.
    • Andreas Madsen
    • I don't know what its called but I'm loving the wood design on the ceiling.
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