Room Estimate: $76,400

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    Washington, DC

Materials $62,800
Labor $13,600


  • covenantbuilders1 Feb 2013

    (Again) Don't be fooled. Costs are missing huge chunks of reality: geographic location/ rates, permit & drafting, proj mgmt, insurance, overhead, profit, drywall repair is low, paint this detailed must be done by monkeys on loan from the zoo for $800, light fixtures & appliances must be in the exact same location as they were for $1000 electrician labor, quality install vs. cheapest etc... etc... I have been doing this type of work for 20 + years and this type of expectation for this price is likely to lead to litigation (better add some attorney $ as well) Good Luck...

  • girlrocketscientist Feb 2013

    To user25718519: I just remodeled my kitchen in the same geographic region with similar materials, size and appliances. The total cost from a reputable contractor was $45,000. This did not include cost for permits but if you look at how these estimates are calculated, you will see that those costs are not part of the calculation. Your comments appear to be self-serving.

  • Katie Schielke Feb 2013

    I like the mix of dark and light

  • Andreas Madsen Feb 2013

    I don't know what its called but I'm loving the wood design on the ceiling.

  • ada10052 Feb 2013

    My dream kitchen

  • Ben Schielke Feb 2013

    Andreas, that's called a box ceiling! And this one is pretty great with the dark stained finish. :)

  • cmcdonald15 Feb 2013

    sorry, there is absolutely no way this kitchen cost only $54,000

  • bertdali99 Feb 2013

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  • Peggy Golden Feb 2013

    Great Ceiling and Windows, handsome and neutral color scheme and no room for bar stools!will look great forever. Question length of island, long walk from sink to refrigerator.

  • evelyon7 Feb 2013

    what a great place to play chase me for kids and dogs lol

  • myblackcurtain Feb 2013

    Now that is what I call a kitchen. My type of Kitchen..

  • davyandshell Feb 2013


  • ClaireLarece Feb 2013

    This kitchen is crisp, clear, bright and Modernal Sophistication. I know there's no such word as modernal but it seems to fit.

  • Bbclement Feb 2013

    Beautiful. Love the big Window and all the light.

  • SW 82 Feb 2013

    Love the ceiling

  • godlovesyatoo Feb 2013

    dream kitchen....

  • taylor_henry59 Feb 2013

    I just love your unique ways I think it one of the best out their beautiful details of ever thing that makes it easy to search thank yuo

  • Konstantin Panchenko Feb 2013


  • jbs418 Feb 2013

    Love everything!!!

  • RacebrookRenovator Feb 2013

    Looks like the estimate is 50-60K to low

  • dragnfly2119 Mar 2013

    I love the ceiling and the natural light from the windows!

  • frannybrd 3 weeks ago

    It's a beautiful room, but it'll cost you.

  • feledypratt 4 days ago

    love the floor, but granite countertops are overrated -- cannot put hot pans directly on them

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