Traditional Kitchen with Crown molding, Standard height, six panel door, White subway tile, Glass panel, Pendant light, Paint
Room Estimate: $41,100

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    Seattle, WA

Materials $32,500
Cabinets $8,100
Counters $3,100
Backsplash $800
Appliances $16,300
Electrical $2,300
Plumbing $1,900
Labor $8,600
Cabinets $2,400
Counters $300
Backsplash $1,100
Appliances $1,700
Electrical $2,500
Plumbing $600


    • M Jeanne
    • Amen...water source at the stove.... Love it!!!!
    • dickkenarney
    • Thirty nine thousand six hundred dollars surely wouldn't even make a dent in this kitchen remodel in the Silicone Valley in California. Especially in Atherton, Menlo Park, Los Altos and Los Altos Hills, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno and Saratoga. Not even a dent! I'm a practicing Architect for over thirty years in this area and am well aware of the costs. Without seeing all the details this project would run in the neighborhood of one hundred fifty to two hundred thousand dollars!
    • samowens5
    • excellent island / seating over all what I could see of kit (much was cut off in pic) it looked nice, BUT MUST SAY AGAIN ISLAND & SEATING IS ABSOLUTE SUPERB
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