Breakfast Bar, Custom Hood/Ventilation, Flat Panel, Glass Panel, Granite - simple, Island, Normal (2.7m), Pendant, Traditional

Estimate - $44,400

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  • By Tina Barclay

    Contributor | Feb 2013

  • Apr 2013


    Love this kitchen!!!!

  • Apr 2013


    something about this just makes me feel comfortable and it looks like the place for the family to gather around, yep I like this kitchen and it's set up is just so correct for cook and for sharing conversation .

  • Apr 2013


    Nice workable layout. Love the appliances and the stove hood but I can't believe the estimate $. It must not include the cost of appliances as last time I checked pricing I could easily spend that much on the appliances alone.

  • Apr 2013


    I like this......

  • Apr 2013


    Love the island , refrigerator nice kitchen.

  • Apr 2013


    I do like the layout and the colors. The open fridge is cool also (at least I think it is a fridge)

  • Apr 2013

    beaver springs


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Room Cost

Materials: $34,200
Cabinets $7,500
Counters $3,900
Appliances $13,600
Flooring $1,600
Drywall $600
Paint $300
Electrical $2,700
Plumbing $800
Other $3,200
Labor: $10,200
Demolition $1,900
Cabinets $900
Counters $400
Appliances $1,300
Flooring $1,200
Drywall $600
Paint $700
Electrical $2,600
Plumbing $600


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