Room Estimate: $48,800

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    Washington, DC

Materials $37,600
Labor $11,200


    • By Julians Interiors
    • Contributor | Mar 2013
    • Dropped ceiling over kitchen island creates interest

  • VeronicaHudson Apr 2013

    Very nice

  • 7856toby Apr 2013

    I love the contrasting colors.

  • cbucco Apr 2013

    We were shocked to see dishes over the stove!

  • AZMOMCAT Apr 2013

    I could cook there and wouldn't even mind cleaning up.

  • Ms Sylvia Apr 2013

    I don't cook, but I would want to try if I had this kitchen!

  • b16lab Apr 2013

    I am tall this kitchen seems to be for someone who is not

  • vc5kids Apr 2013

    I really like this kitchen.

  • Gev Gharadaghi Apr 2013

    The color of the cabinets blend in very nicely with the rest of the kitchen.

  • martinezmichael Apr 2013

    If I had the money Julians would be on speed dial. Wood selection and lighting is superb. It's not just all about corian countertops. Elegant warmth.... That's this kitchen and it's my choice for my dream home

  • TripleB14 Jul 2013

    The dark cabinets kinda makes the kitchen feel warm other than that the kitchen is absolutely amazing!! Definitely my dream kitchen

  • moveinonup Oct 2013


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