Traditional Kitchen with Paint 2, Kitchen island, apron sink, full backsplash, Casement, built-in microwave, Wall Hood, Paint
Room Estimate: $57,500

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    Seattle, WA

Materials $43,500
Cabinets $13,900
Counters $4,400
Backsplash $500
Appliances $15,400
Flooring $1,900
Drywall $600
Paint $400
Electrical $1,400
Plumbing $1,600
Other $3,400
Labor $14,000
Demolition $2,200
Cabinets $3,800
Counters $500
Backsplash $800
Appliances $1,600
Flooring $1,400
Drywall $800
Paint $900
Electrical $1,500
Plumbing $500

I have counters like these and mine are quartz...which is non porous and requires ZERO maintenance unlike marble which is easily stained, or granite which needs resealing yearly. we have all white tile except behind the range which is irridescent clear glass (with the green glass). Our kitchen has white cabinets and a greyish-green island...the island has a granite looking quartz with the grey of the stainless appliance, the green of the island and the white of the rest of the kitchen with a bit of black and of taupe thrown in and it looks very nice.


    • jmlpala
    • Prices are way low, Im an electrician and The can lights alone would be $700. Plus $500 for plumbing labor? You won't find a quality plumber for that. Many things have to be redone because codes change and are very different from even ten years ago.
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